Gökmen is inherently a multidisciplinary team bringing together researchers with different backgrounds and interests, including Computer Science, Mechanical, Electrical-Electronics and Industrial Engineering. Our mission is to bring innovative new aerospace/AI/robotics solutions.

Traditional engineering paradigms use only physics based rules and principles to model the world. To this end, our team is bring together design to AI to use innovative 3D development in exploring artificial intelligence, inspired by nature and its ‘evolutionary approach’ overall, also developing the algorithms that can infer, learn and predict the systems based on data. These data-driven models incorporate the physics into learning algorithm to build more accurate predictive models.



Gökmen-Fighter, Gökmen-Fighter mini and Gökmen-PG, which are 3 projects that our team is working on in 2023-2024 period.

Gökmen-Fighter: It is a fixed-wing unmanned aerial vehicle that aims to gain the dogfight capability of fighter jets and the kamikaze aircraft capability.

Gökmen-PG: It is a rotary-wing unmanned aerial vehicle that aims deep learning based real-time navigation and environmental awareness in previously unknown environments where GPS and Lidar are not used.

-Name Story-

Our team name is GÖKMEN that the surname of Bedriye Tahir GÖKMEN, the first Turkish woman pilot who has an prominent character in our history.

Who is Bedriye Tahir GÖKMEN?

Bedriye Tahir, also known as "Gökmen Bacı", started his aeronautics studies at Vecihi Flight School in 1932. He continued his flight training while serving as an officer and received a badge in 1933. Abdurrahman Türkkuşu gave him the nickname Gökmen. Bedriye Tahir, known as Gökmen Bacı, took the surname Gökmen when the surname law was passed in 1934.


Gökmen is a team affiliated with the Istanbul University-Cerrahpasa Entrepreneurship student club and is the club's biggest technical project.

Istanbul University - Cerrahpasa Avcilar Campus Faculty of Engineering 34320 Avcilar / ISTANBUL

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